Apple 2012 Case Study

Topics: IPhone, Apple Inc., Steve Jobs Pages: 2 (841 words) Published: October 25, 2014

06. Case 14: Apple Inc. in 2012: Can it Sustain its Growth… Key Issues
Issue 01: Steve Jobs is now gone - can they do it without him in the long term? Issue 02: Sustain its growth and success
Issue 03: Mac vs Personal Computer competitive positions
Issue 04: Google moving into Apple’s smartphone market
As the business manager of the Apple Corporation, I would need to look at the business and determine who are my direct competitors and determine where I am going to seek opportunities for a competitive advantage in some aspects of the business. It is impossible to speak of Apple and not associate the vision, charisma, and innovation of Steve Jobs ( He brought Apple back into the public interest in the 1990’s after he was rehired by the company he cofounded. The strategy to maintain the success of the company would involve staying close the ideas that brought the company to its current status (McGraw-Hill Irwin, Page C-188). The momentum left by Jobs will continue to carry the company, as long as Apple continues to provide new and popular products to its loyal customers. Recommendations

Issue 01: It’s hard to follow in the footsteps of genius. Apple CEO Tim Cook’s challenge has been to maintain the momentum as the world’s largest and most famous technology company, following a decade-long period of turn-around and innovation with few parallels. Over his career, Jobs fundamentally led Apple into numerous industries including personal computing, computer operating systems, music, mobile phones, and tablets (McGraw-Hill Irwin, Page C-188). To stay ahead of the competition, it will be important to make sure our loyal customers stay loyal to our brand. As competitors spend money on advertising campaigns that describe their opinions on how much better they are, we will focus on highlighting the uses of our loyal customers. Recognizing the size and success of the company, we still...
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