Apple Introduction

Topics: Apple Inc., Steve Jobs, Personal computer Pages: 2 (489 words) Published: July 7, 2013

Who would know someone with dyslexic disability with controversial family background and a college dropout who had to hike 7 miles across the town once a week to get a decent meal at Hare Krishna temple would turned out to become America’s most talented innovator and become self-made billionaire of worth more than 5 billion dollars. He has been known as temperamental micromanager who overtook Hewlett Packard as the largest vendor of personal computer and returned more than 6000 percentage of profit to the shareholders of his company through his “ Think Different “ attitudes and hungry for innovation style of leadership. Apart from this, he has gained prestigious reputation among worlds citizen as 21st greatest innovator that has lived and will be remembered with Edison and Einstein because of his vision and innovation that has made his company Apple incorporation share price passed Exxon as the largest company in the world with market capitalization of more than $540 billion with share price of $702.10 just behind Google and before General Motors. The question is why “He” is being worshipped as the 21st century innovator? He did not invent the personal computers nor did he invent clever user friendly software’s, the mouse, window type interfaces nor all the paraphernalia of the modern IT world. But what he did instead was bring together the best of the cutting edge technology and packaged them brilliantly in the ready to go boxes that any layman could turn on and start working hence induces the desire for people who hated the computers.

Through his leadership and business acumen he has transit the Apple incorporation that has been co- founded with Steve Wozniak from personal computer manufacturer through its sales of first generation of Apple I, II, Macintosh and power Mach lines to revolutionized leader in the consumer electronics and media sales industries with the introduction of iOS range of products...
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