Bus 340 Syllabus

Topics: Business ethics, Ethics, Citation Pages: 10 (2156 words) Published: January 21, 2013

Because attendance is required for the first three weeks of the new semester, attendance will be taken at each of those class sessions. I will also be taking attendance for the remainder of the semester which will be considered 50% of your participation grade. I will consider sports travel when appropriately notified by your coach. The balance of your participation grade will result from your homework being submitted timely.

Homework is due on the date given in the above schedule. The date received will be based on the date you have submitted your homework through Angel. The homework grade will be reduced 10% of the graded score for each day it is late. Homework submitted more than five days late according to the above due date will be graded as a zero. It is therefore your responsibility to submit your work on time.

Some of my students have had issues submitted work with attachments through Angel. It is therefore your responsibility to confirm that your computer is able to properly transmit homework to Angel through the Angel system. I will request that as soon as you can please send something for Module 1 with an attachment in Word so we can be sure your system is compatible with the University’s.

Homework for the first four modules does not require submission thorough Turn It In as they are short answers. Modules 5 through 8 are research papers. Please note the word count requirement and that they are to be consistent with APA format. Your research papers must properly cite two references other than your text book. Your research papers MUST be submitted through “Turn It In” and cannot exceed an originality score of 20% (NO EXCEPTIONS).


There are no discussion for this class. You discussion question grade will be based on your participation which is a combination of attendance and timely homework.


At the professor’s discretion, an extra credit assignment may be offered at the end of the semester.


• Mallor, J. P., Barnes, J. A., Bowers, T. L., & Langvardt, A. W. (2010). Business law: The ethical, global and e-commerce environment (14th ed.). Boston: McGraw-Hill. ISBN-13: 9780073377643

Internet Access: GCU email address, access to angel learning platform, access to various internet resources.


This course is a comprehensive study of the legal and ethical issues of concern to business, including those areas of the U.S. legal system that are most relevant to business, such as, criminal law and procedure, civil law (torts) and procedure and contract law. It explores the role of ethics and values in business decision making, and approaches these subjects from the perspective of the stakeholders as opposed to an economic interpretation of the firm and its responsibilities.


4 credits


Perquisites (None) – Co Requisites (Desire to Learn)


• Mallor, J. P., Barnes, J. A., Bowers, T. L., & Langvardt, A. W. (2010). Business law: The ethical, global and e-commerce environment (14th ed.). Boston: McGraw-Hill. ISBN-13: 9780073377643


Module 1: Topic and Objectives

Introduction to Business Law and Ethics

• Analyze the principle arguments of a case.
• Examine a case study for possible courses of action.
• Examine a framework for ethical decision making in a business. • Examine the structure and purpose of the legal system.
• Explain how the various levels of the court systems influence the nature of business institutions and methods of resolving conflict.

Module 1: Assignments

Problems: Chapters 1, 2, and 4

1) Using the Module 1 text readings, course Web site links, the GCU library, the Internet, and/or other sources of literature as needed, complete the following...
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