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Discussion Board Instructions
You are required to complete 4 Discussion Board forums throughout this course. You will research a topic, compose a thread discussing the topic, and reply to at least 2 classmates' threads. Research outside the textbook is required for each forum. Acceptable research sources include your textbook, periodicals, journals, newspapers, magazines, and the Bible. Your initial thread must have a minimum of 3 cited references, and there should be 1 cited reference for each reply. The research required for each Discussion Board topic can be accomplished at our Liberty University Online Library via Services/Support on the course menu. Look under Academic Resources for the Library link. (Sources such as Wikipedia, About.com, book reviews and blogs are prohibited.) In each thread and reply, you must demonstrate a fundamental understanding of the economic theory and outside research for the specific topic. You must adhere to APA style when formatting your posts and citing your sources.

Each thread must contain at least 4 paragraphs, including a minimum of 300 words.  * In the first paragraph, discuss the relevant economic theory of your topic (your textbook is a good source for this paragraph). * In the second, you must include outside research to corroborate your thread (from the Liberty University Online Library or elsewhere). * In the third, cite and discuss a real-world example of your topic.  * In the fourth, integrate biblical insights into your discussion board posts. * Title your thread according to your topic.

Each of your two replies must contain at least 1 or 2 paragraphs including a minimum of 100 words. One of your replies must cover a topic different than the one you discussed in your thread. Seek to understand your classmate's thread, including the economic theory and facts he/she presented as well as his/her points of view and real-world example. Aim to communicate your own understanding of relevant...
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