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Module CET6064:

Assignment:2Weighting:20%Word Count: 1500

Assignment Type: Reflective Commentary and Rationale

Learning outcomes that you need to cover in this assignment are: (SSLO1,GE1,2,3,4)

Topic:A reflective commentary/rationale evaluating the effectiveness of your own contribution to group dynamics and team processes used within the planning, negotiation of and delivery of the team presentation, stating how you may further develop such skills in the future.

Title:Reflecting upon and developing my own effectiveness when working within a team.

Assessment guidelines

In reflective writing it is important to think about what happened and consider what worked well and why that might have been and what did not work and why not. (Do not simply describe what happened, select the key events, evaluate and analyse the facts and suggest how things might be improved for the future.)

This assignment focuses upon your own performance and seeks to evaluate your impact upon the team and the task and therefore you should focus on the things you did or did not do and the outcome of your actions or lack of action.

In analysing the effectiveness of your own contribution to group dynamics and team processes you should comment upon each stage of the presentation: planning, negotiating and delivering. Within your writing you should make reference to key theories and concepts that support your argument.

Finally state how you will develop your own future effectiveness in both teamwork and presentation skills.

If you wish to, you may attach a case study and/or additional material as an appendix that you refer to within the main body of the text. Any such material must be anonymous (no names, signatures, addresses or phone numbers etc.).

You may find it useful – to reflect upon any feedback that you have received either from the peer formative assessment, tutor feedback given within class and feedback...
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