Topics: Bibliography, Citation, Employment Pages: 7 (1756 words) Published: January 31, 2014
Work and Labour Studies Program, Department of Social Sciences Faculty of Liberal Arts and Professional Studies, York University THE FUTURE OF WORK
AS/SOSC 1510 9.0 – 2013-14

Essay on Your Career Prospects

You are encouraged to work on your passion – whether it be acting, music, dance or something else in the arts, even if they do not guarantee a high salary or even a regular job. Such people often support themselves with a “job” unless or until they actually get paid to follow their dream.

Given the theme of the course this year is “Building a Better World”, you might also consider working for moral, social, political or economic change. You might follow in the tradition of the great prophets, teachers, revolutionaries, human rights activists, union organizers – those who ended slavery and apartheid, struggled for democracy, won equal rights for women, the 8 hour work day, union recognition, medicare or fair taxation – remember the original Tea Party! You could help save our environment and end climate change, overcome inequality and injustice, or help us achieve economic democracy.


You will be required to submit an outline and annotated bibliography beforehand, worth 5%. It should be submitted to Turnitin and then in class on Feb 5th. The outline should include:

a) A 150 word description of your topic and how you will approach it – make sure that you read the section below that lists what you need to include in your essay!!!

b) An “annotated bibliography” -- a list of FIVE (5) sources done in proper academic format (MLA, APA, Chicago, etc… use whatever style you prefer but make sure that you include all the elements required and use the proper punctuation).

For each source, include a few sentences describing how or why that source will be useful for your essay. I don’t want you to just go online and look up a list of library materials. You will have to examine each source to see if it is useful or irrelevant – eg. NOT books from the 1960’s about computer programming, or articles about being a lawyer in the USA…

SOURCES - You will probably come up with a mix of material. The final page of this handout lists “Where You Can Find Relevant Information”...


Articles from periodicals

Government reports – various levels of government produce reports about different industries and the employment prospects in different fields…

Studies done by industry associations or unions about the trends in their area
Eg. the Canadian Bankers Association, Automotive Parts Manufacturers' Association, etc

Website material – make sure that you cite it correctly!

Interview with someone working in your chosen field – You are strongly recommended to speak with someone who can give you a first hand, up-to-date account of what is happening in your chosen field. It could be an employer or an employee – or preferably both!

You should have done lots of prior research so that you do not waste their time. You should come with a list of questions…. Your interview could take the form of either: a) a personal interview = face to face; b) personal communication via email; or c) a telephone interview.

You might ask them (either in person or over the phone):

How many people are working for their firm, agency or department? In what capacities? How many jobs – and job openings -- are there in your field in the Toronto area, in Ontario, in Canada? How many have been people have been hired to do this work in recent years, and how many do they plan to hire in the next few years?

What are the important trends affecting employment, and how will they affect your prospects?

What qualifications do they require for the job that you are seeking?
What are the working conditions? -- eg. hours, vacations, union, etc.
What sort of wages or benefits might you expect?
Is the work stable and secure or...
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