history of the americas 2 mark scheme

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OTHER TOPIC CHOICE RECOMMENDATIONS: Consider beginning by selecting 1 secondary and 1 primary source on your topic. As you search for works, keep a running list of potentially useful sources to help you create your Working Works Cited page. Try to find sources that present a contrasting view or interpretation of your topic also.

TITLE PAGE, etc.:Make sure you write an IB-appropriate title. Your research question can be woven into your title, although it does not have to be. Title is centered 1/3 of the way down the page, with name, candidate ID number, class at bottom right of page. Don’t forget headings and page numbers.

THESIS:Your thesis statement should be the answer to your research question. Your thesis statement can evolve over the course of writing this, but it should still cover the same topic. You cannot write a good thesis statement until you have taken substantial notes from your sources. Your thesis statement will not appear in your IA until the Conclusion.

WORKS CITED:I do not want you to list any source at the end of your paper that you do not cite at least once. I am looking for a minimum of 6 sources. IB insists that some of these be primary; I require a minimum of 2 primary sources. You also need a number of solid secondary sources. You are going to have to discuss value and limitations of sources, so choose carefully. I expect you will discard and add sources over time. Also, be careful of Internet sources. NO ENCYCLOPEDIAS, (including wikipedia) TEXTBOOKS, HISTORICAL NOVELS, POPULAR MAGAZINES (People Magazine, etc.) OR THE LIKE. If you do not have/remember the correct format for a Works Cited page, you can make a copy of mine or get one from the school library.

NOTECARDS:In case you have forgotten how to do these, I am giving you some examples. You have 50 due the first check (along with all your Works Cited cards), and 80 due the second time. You must...
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