How to Write a Scientific Report

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SINGAPORE POLYTECHNIC School of Communication, Arts and Social Sciences School of Chemical & Life Sciences LC0236: Teamwork and Communication Toolbox (TCT) CA2, Scientific Report Brief WARNING NOTE You are reminded that plagiarism is a serious offence. Penalty will be imposed on those who reproduce another person’s work and opinions as their own without proper acknowledgement. Answers bearing striking similarities to material from textbooks/ reports or answers from students in other groups will be investigated and an appropriate penalty imposed on the students concerned. You are strictly required to cite all sources of information used or referred to. This includes information extracted or replicated from your own past work. If you are found guilty of plagiarism in one module, you could fail all your modules in the semester, or even be liable for expulsion.

Twinned Assignment: Individual Scientific Report on Experiment (35% weightage) LC0236 Teamwork and Communication Toolbox CP5045 Introduction to Chemical Engineering 1. The Task You have been tasked by the Research and Development (R&D) manager of BeautyMe to write a scientific report of not more than 2000 words on the experiment to formulate a new hand moisturiser for females above the age of 40.1 2. Content and Research Requirements Your report should include the following:  Theories and background information on emulsion, cosmetic creams, lotions, etc.  Procedures and findings of your laboratory experiment/project  Analysis, evaluation, comparison, and discussion of your newly developed moisturiser and its chemical components/properties in relation to existing moisturiser products and scientific theories You may also include any other information you deem relevant to the report’s purpose, context and reader. As part of your secondary research, please refer to at least two reference books (apart from Internet resources) as recommended in your CP5045 lecture notes and/or practical manual. 3. Format Requirements Refer to appended checklist for specific format requirements. 4. Assessment Criteria Assessment Components Marks 1. Content 50 2. Language 30 3. Format 20 Total 100 Refer to appended marking guide for detailed assessment criteria. 5. Submission Requirements Prior to the submission date (in Week 14), you are required to upload a softcopy of your finalised report (excluding the title page, table of contents, list of illustrations and appendices) to SafeAssign for plagiarism checking and to print the “SA Report” (refer to appended SafeAssign submission guide). On the day of your submission, please hand in the following: a) Hardcopy printout of your full scientific report b) SA Report (attached to the back of the scientific report) 1

This assignment is based on the CP5045 Design-Implement-Experience (D-I-E) project on “Hand Moisturiser Formulation”. The key purpose of this exercise is to write a scientific report for chemical engineering research as described on page 8 of the Project Guidelines of CP5045.

TCT - Checklist for your Scientific Report (DCHE)
Use the checklist below to ensure that your report is in order before submitting it. Do note that your report addresses the requirements listed on page 8 of the Design-Implement-Experience (D-I-E) Project Guidelines: Hand Moisturiser Formulation.


Please tick if complete ( ) ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ) ) ) ) ) ) ) ) ) ) ) ) )

Items Report includes the following parts arranged in the order below: Title Page Table of Contents List of Illustrations Synopsis Objective of Experiment / Project Introduction Theory Procedures Results and Calculations Discussion Conclusion Recommendation References Appendices (if necessary) Pagination is correct: Prefatory parts like Table of Contents, List of Illustrations and Synopsis should be numbered using lower case Roman numerals e.g. ii, iii, iv etc Main part of the report like Objective of Experiment/ Project, Introduction, Theory, Procedure, Results and...

References: Appendix (Consistency in labelling of tables and graphs is apparent) Grand Total (100 marks)
Marks Mark ranges A=40-50, B=35-39.9, C=-30-34.9, D=2529.9, F=0-24.9 A=24-30, B=21-23.9, C=18-20.9, D=1517.9, F=0-0-14.9 A=16-20, B=14-15.9, C=12-13.9 D=10-11.9 F=0-9.9
/100 A=80-100, B=70-79, C=60-69, D=50-59, F=049
How to submit your report to SafeAssign
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