HRM 630

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Final Paper/Case Study

This final assignment requires you to apply concepts that you have learned over this session. Pay careful attention to the instructions.

Please read the included case study, Clean Car Care. You have been hired to help the company’s owner fill a manager’s vacancy at its north-side facility. Your paper (your input as an HR consultant) must address the following:

1. What method of final choice do you think Otto of 3C’s used to choose among the finalists? Explain your answer. Do you believe he used the correct method? Why?

2. The selection component of staffing is the process of assessing and evaluating people to determine if there is a fit between the person and the job. What KSAOs do you think are required for success in the manager’s position at 3C’s. Why?

3. Do you support the decision to extend an offer to Jane Roberts? Explain your position.

4. Recommend whether Jane Roberts should receive a best-shot, competitive, or low-ball offer. Explain why this is your choice. Also, discuss why you believe the other choices would not work in this situation.

5. Recommend other inducements beyond salary, health insurance, and vacation that might be addressed in the job offer. Explain why you believe these to be relevant inducements for Jane Roberts.

6. Draft and include as a separate page (not an attachment), a proposed offer letter to Jane Roberts, incorporating your recommendations in numbers 4 and 5 above, as well as other desired features that should be part of a job offer letter.

7. If Jane Roberts doesn’t accept the offer, what would you recommend as a next step to the owner? Explain your recommendation.

8. If the owner decides to extend an offer to Betts Cook, what type of offer would you recommend? Please answer Question 4 above as it relates to Betts Cook.

9. Recommend other inducements beyond salary, health insurance, and vacation that might be addressed in Ms. Cook’s job offer. Explain why...
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