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COR160 Essential Academic Writing Skills
Individual Assignment 01 July 2013 Presentation


TMA01 - 1

TUTOR-MARKED ASSIGNMENT 01 This tutor-marked assignment is worth 50% of the final mark for COR160 Essential Academic Writing Skills. The cut-off date for this assignment is 2359 hours on 9 August 2013 _____________________________________________________________________ Submit your solution document in the form of a single MS Word file on or before the cut-off date shown above. Additional instructions: 1. You will need to indicate clearly on the front page your name, student ID, course title and assignment number. Summarise using your own words as much as possible. You must document all information that you use from another source, or you will be penalized severely. You must acknowledge these by using the APA documentation style. This includes both in-text citations and end-of-text referencing. If you copy from the work of another student, regardless of the course or programme, you will be severely penalized. You are not permitted to re-use material from past assignments whether in part or in full. All of the above actions can result in your failing the TMA.



*Remember that accurate and proper documentation of information from secondary sources is essential because UniSIM takes a very serious view on plagiarism. All information from secondary sources will be detected by the Turnitin software that your assignment will be put through in Blackboard and anything that is not acknowledged and properly documented will be taken as an instance of plagiarism and your assignment may be failed. _____________________________________________________________________ Scope You will find Chapters 3 (Critical Reading), 4 (Rhetorical Analysis), 5 (Summary, Paraphrase and Quotations), 7 (Summary) and 9 (Argument) in your COR160 textbook useful. Refer also to the relevant on-line study units

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