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IB English Essay
*Written in the literary present *In class essays are in ink, though several essays(long term) should be typed and double spaced. *IB English 11 essays tend to be more student driven, whereby the student is asked to come up with his/her own topic with minimal direction from teacher (prompts are usually given in 12th in preparation for the exams at the end of 12th). *Essays focus on examining authorial intent with regards to a work, rather than the historical implications or cause-effect relationship between events.

IB HOA Essay
* Written in the past tense * Always written in ink (blue or black).

*Formal standard
English required (no slang, contractions, or IM) *No I think, I feel, I believe *Clear beginning, middle and end *one point per body paragraph

* The essay is a response to a specific question with specific requirements. (A question will have issues/facts that MUST be addressed to successfully answer the question. i.e. You cannot answer a question about causes of the American Revolution without addressing taxes.) * The thesis must answer (NOT re-state) the question. The rest of the essay demonstrates that the answer is correct. * Essays are structured to examine the historical facts surrounding an event and analyze the causes, effects, and context of it. In essays dealing with causes, the writer addresses all of the causes and explains the part each played.

*topic sentences are followed by evidence, and then explanation of how the evidence support the point and therefore *Essays are not necessarily arranged in chronthesis statement -ological order, but can be arranged by a logical * When writing about multiple events, the writer must flow of ideas remember their chronological order. This is especially *Conclusion should extend and tie togetimportant when addressing cause and effect. her the point of the paper without being * Essays usually focus on a specific literary element or device, such as tone, mood, characterization, symbolism, etc. The essay then proceeds toward examining authorial intent and offering interpretive and personal responses. * The writer’s personal interpretation may drive the content of the paper. * Secondary sources are discouraged. When quoting the literary text, MLA citation is used. a simple or trite summary of the paper. Rather, it should offer further implications of the thesis without being a totally different paper. *Extensive proofreading needed for final submission of essay * The writer’s opinion is not usually relevant. * When source citation is called for, use endnotes and bibliography in Turabian (Chicago) style.

Table of Contents

WHAT I. Grammar/Mechanics/Style Section a. Grammar, Mechanics and Style for the IB Writer b. Strong Word Choices Thesis Statements a. History b. English The IB Outline (History and English) Citations a. History (Turabian/Chicago) b. English (MLA) Planning for the History Essay (Paper 2 & 3) a. How to write an IB essay for HOA Planning for the English Essay a. An Introduction to the IB English Paper b. Levels of a Literary Text c. Close Reading Guide d. Title Page Example e. Sample Essay f. Works Cited Page Example Rubrics a. History b. English


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Grammar, Mechanics, and Style for the IB Writer Issues with Grammar: *Use the parts of speech correctly (ie. “She did well on the test” v/s “She did good on the test”; “Well” is an adverb and “good” is an adjective—you need an adverb in the sample sentence) *Use correct subject/verb agreement (ie. “Most women is nurturing” v/s “Most women are nurturing”; “women” is plural, so you need the plural form of the verb, “are”) *Use pronouns correctly (ie. “A person should always love their mother” v/s “A person should always love his or her mother”; “Person” is singular, so the pronoun used to replace “person” should also be singular, “his/her”) *Always use complete...
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