Managing Operations Midterm

Topics: Citation, Parenthetical referencing, Operations management Pages: 4 (857 words) Published: November 28, 2013

BBA YEAR 1 Mid Term Assignment

Managing Operations 1MOc
Clive Woollard
Percentage of final grade given:

In addition to submitting a paper copy to the lecturer and email a copy to the academic department you will be required to submit your project on Use the instructions provided to you by Elisa. Class ID and Enrollment Password will be provided at a later time

The assignment has been designed to marry the theoretical analysis and practical application of the concepts of ‘Managing Operations’. This assignment will therefore require students to show a critical understanding of the different aspects of the course concepts combined with an objective appreciation of its relevance to an organisation in a real commercial setting. The project aims to measure the students’ ability to satisfy the following course objectives: 1. Demonstrate  understanding  of  the   role  of  Operations  in  both  product  and  service  sectors 2. Use  logical  approach  to  build  or  improve  operational  structures   3. Understand  issues  relating  to  Quality  in  Operations   4. Use  of  tools  to  highlight  deficiencies and  improve  current  operations   The students will develop the following skills through the completion of this project: 1. Some basic quantitative and qualitative interpretative skills 2. Analytic skills

3. Report writing skills
4. Teamwork skills

Project Description:
This is a group project. Groups consist of two individuals, each one responsible for a minimum of 1,000 words of the final document. Students must clearly indicate at the top of the pages or sections which is their work so individual content can be assessed. The project consists of:

The analysis of a company and product or service, of your choice, using tools developed in the course. The suggestion and justification of any improvements. Please use the structure below...
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