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. Nasha is my idol
.Nasha is amazing
.Nasha be crazy sometimes
.Actually Nasha be crazy all the time
.Nasha Nasha Nasha
.Nasha worships mrs z
.Mrs Z does not like Nasha

Natasha (Russian: Ната́ша) is a female given name of Russian origin. Originally it was a diminutive form of Natalia, which in turn derives from the Latin Dies Natalies, meaning "Natal Day" or "Birthday" in reference to the traditional birth of Jesus. It was traditionally given to girls born around Christmas.[1] In Russia and other post-Soviet countries this name still remains only an unofficial diminutive form, while in the West it became an independent given name, probably under influence of Natasha Rostova from Leo Tolstoi's "War and Peace".

Coincidentally, Natasha is also a female Muslim name, meaning 'Gift of Allah.'[2][3]

People named Natasha[edit]
Natasha Aguilar, Costa Rican freestyle swimmer
Natasha Arthy, Danish director and producer
Natasha Beaumont, Australian actress born in Kuala Lumpur
Natasha Bedingfield, British singer
Natascha Börger, Miss Germany 2002, Miss Top Model of the World 2002 and Miss Baltic Sea 2002. Natasha Bradley, R&B/Pop singer
Natasha Chokljat, Australian netball player
Natasha Collins, British actress & model
Natasha Demkina, Russian girl who claimed to possess paranormal vision Natasha Desborough, radio presenter
Natasha Eloi, Canadian television personality and videographer Natasha Falle, Canadian human rights activist
Natasha Fatah, Canadian Journalist
Natasha Galkina, America's Next Top Model, Cycle 8 Runner Up Natasha Gregson Wagner, American actress
Natasha Hamilton, British singer
Natasha Henstridge, Canadian film actress
Natasha Kaiser, American athlete
Natasha Kaplinsky, British news presenter
Natasha Khan, British singer known under her stage name Bat For Lashes Natasha Klauss, Columbian actress
Natasha Kuchiki, American pairs figure skater
Natasha Law, English artist
Natasha Lee, Australian...
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