Pillars of Education

Topics: Education, Educational psychology, Learning Pages: 3 (730 words) Published: August 12, 2013
1.What are the Four Pillars of Education?

The four pillars of education which are Learning to Know, Leaning to Do, Learning Together, and Learning to Be. Each one has a different point of view and helps us see things and understand different things.

Learning to know; mainly talks about how we start thinking, we process things, how we concentrate, and memory skills. As you know since we are small kids we start learning, concentrating and thinking. I personally think this is the most important pillar of education since it’s the first one we develop and use in our live. In short, that “we learn to learn”.

Learning to do; talks about how can we use education and how can we adapt it to future. What I understand about this learning is that is for professional persons, who want to improve it all.

The learning to be together; talks about how can we unite the world, how can we teach our students to care for others and make awareness of what is going on, in the world and in other countries.

Learning to be; talks about how can we just be ourselves and succeed and how that can help us in education letting us be creative and follow our opinions and statements.

2.How do teachers equip students/pupils with learning opportunities guided by the Pillars of Education?

The teachers can equip students with various learning opportunities. The mood of the classroom is controlled by the teacher. Her pedagogy identifies the various ways to give the students the maximum learning opportunities. Professional learning (PL) is anchored in the school-based work of teachers. Schools and workplaces commit to lifelong learning practices to build shared knowledge and meet the needs of students or clients. The emphasis is on continuous improvement with a focus on results. Knowledge is translated into collaborative problem solving and consistently applied practices. Professional Learning is enriched by current research, ideas and knowledge about pedagogy and adult...
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