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This assignment is designed to assess your ability to apply the social psychology theories discussed in lectures to real world situations. Social psychology is NOT a purely academic area – it is essential that you are able to understand how social psychology operates in the wider world. We cannot test the applications of social psychology in an exam so this assignment aims to give you an opportunity to demonstrate your ability to recognise social psychology theories in action by completing a simple yet interesting piece of work.

You will need to complete this piece of work on your own. Please refer to the assignment feedback sheet for guidance on how to produce high quality work.

Assignment Brief

You will need to find something in the media that can be explained using one or more social psychology theories (evidence). You will then need to write a report about this media example explaining it in terms of social psychology (report). The word limit for this assignment is between 800 and 1000 words (report only – word count does NOT include the evidence). You should refer to these guidelines and the assignment feedback sheet while completing this assignment.

Draft Submission

You will receive peer feedback on your draft and experience the marking process prior to your final submission. You will submit a (paper) draft assignment directly to your lecturer in the discussion sessions on Monday 18th November (Week 8). Do not attach a standard cover sheet to the draft BUT you MUST ensure that you attach the Draft Feedback Sheet to the front of your draft and complete the Assignment Banner ID box on the front. Please ensure that your work is not identifiable in any other way (change names or use initials if needed, change details to disguise the writer). You will then attend a feedback session in Week 9 (discussion session). During this session, you will collect a piece of work completed by one of your peers – this work will probably be an alternative assignment to the one that you completed. You will have ten minutes to read the assignment and then the lecturer will begin a feedback lecture about the process of marking. You will work through the assignment feedback sheet to mark the assignment. This assignment will then be returned to the original author with the feedback. If the original author has any complaints or concerns about the feedback on his/her assignment, please contact the lecturer immediately.


The best media example and accompanying report will be awarded a prize. This prize will be awarded in the final lecture and your assignment will be displayed in public forums as an example of high quality work in the School of Psychology. In the event that you would prefer not to have your publically displayed, you will be contacted prior to the public announcement of the winners in order to be given an opportunity to refuse the award.


You must submit evidence to demonstrate your media example. Your evidence must be something that can be submitted on paper, such as an image, text, or scanned cutting from a newspaper, magazine, etc. If your media example is in a non-paper based form (such as a song, television show, or movie), please include a written transcript or description of the example. Your evidence must provide the marker with an opportunity to clearly see your media example so that they can then understand your report.

Your media example must be from a real-world source, such as websites, comics, newspapers, advertisements, radio, television, movies, etc. Your media example must be entirely non-academic and must not have been obtained from an academic source, such as my lectures, textbooks, or psychology websites. Your media example cannot be created or invented by you because it must exist in the real world beyond this class.

Please choose your media example carefully – if you cannot clearly describe your chosen example or link your example to social...

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