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 1. Journal article with DOI assigned, one author. 
                    **** Preferred format for DOI number if using the                              APA Style Guide to Electronic References (2012):  Hai-
Qiang, M., Su-Mei, W., Da, Z.,  Jun-Tao, C., Ling-Ling, J.,  Yan-Xue, H., & Ling-An, W. (2004). Chinese Physics Letters,  21(10), 1961-1987.

NOTE: If using the APA 6th ed., use doi:10.0256-307X/21/1961 Smith,
J. (2010). An interdisciplinary approach to preparing 
early intervention professionals: A university and 
community collaborative initiative. Teacher Education 
and Special Education, 33(2), 131-142.
NOTE: If using the APA 6th ed., use doi:10.1177/088840640
The DOI format with a hyperlink is preferred in the APA Style Guide to Electronic Reference(2012). The APA guide says that the old format is also accepted. However, it no longer is preferred. 2. Journal article without DOI (When DOI is not available) -- eight authors or more If there is no DOI number, then include a retrieval statement with the journal home URL. NOTE:  For students in FSE, it is OK to use a standard journal citation with no URL. Jones,

H. M., McKay, J., Alvarado, F., Plath, E., Jordan, A.,  
Porter, M., . . . Allsop, S. (2005). The attractions of  stupidity. Journal of Philosophy, 30(2), 6-10. Retrieved
(See note about URL to use.)
When there are more than seven authors, list the first six, use ellipses, and the last author. The URL is for the journal home publication.

3. Electronic version of print book
G., & Worden, M. (2010). Of course you're angry:  A 
guide to dealing with the emotions of substance 
abuse (Rev. ed.) [Kindle DX version]. Retrieved from
When the book is retrieved online, the location and publisher are not provided. Provide information about the e-book version in brackets.
The URL in the retrieval statement should not have a hyperlink, and do not include a period after the URL because it will interfere with navigation of the web The URL at the top of the page is not the publisher URL.  Instead, you will see for this book. If you know what you are looking for, you can see Netlibrary mentioned. Otherwise, you will need to do a quick Google search to identify the publisher's home URL or contact the reference desk for help. 4. Electronic-only book

C. (n.d.). Jacob's ladder.  Retrieved from http://www
When the date cannot be determined, use (n.d.) for no date. 5. Entire book from an online library
R. E. (2009). Handbook of research on effective gaming in  education (Rev. ed.). Retrieved from Provide the home page of the online library used. In this example, NetLibrary was used, but you can also use Google Books, ebrary, MyiLibrary, Safari, and more. Do not use the full URL for the book since the books can be easily located with a search. Most e-book collections provided by the NSU Libraries require the SharkLink user name and password. 6. Republished book and other works 

T. (2008). Tenures of land and customs of manors. Retrieved from (Original work published in 1679  as Fragmenta antiquitatus) 

C. G. (1961). The fantasies of the unconscious. In Collected works of  C. G. Jung  (Bolligen Series XX, pp. 98-112).  Retrieved from http:// (Original work published in 1912) 

7. Chapter in an edited book
A.  (2011). Chapter 2: Optimality conditions. In V. Schulz (Ed.), Computational  optimization of systems governed by partial differential equations (pp. 3-26).    


Citations: with direct quotes 
- Author and quote together
Students needed "parental permission” (Abbott, 2005, p. 25).
The research found that the training built "sequentially and developmentally" (Jones & Ifill, 2010, Conclusions section, para. 6).
- Author and quote separated
Yi (2004) stated that the “IL Model needed to be implemented” (p. 34).
 Lee (2007) stated, “The data is unreliable” (Methods section, para. 4).  
Jonasen (2010) coined the term "frankenreference" (p. 22) to refer to scary reference citations.
Bischoff (2009) used the concept of "fair use" (Encyclopedia Britannica, p. 3250) in the context of the new geopolitical order.
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