Steve Jobs Case

Topics: Leadership, Steve Jobs, Situational leadership theory Pages: 3 (1383 words) Published: October 24, 2014

Steve Jobs-Apple
Case Study Analysis
Muhammad Awais Shahid9/15/2014

Question#1: Explain how each of the five elements of our definition of leadership applies to Steve Jobs leading Apple. Answer:
Leader/Follower: Steve Job in a leader follower relation always shows the attitude of being in charge. Everyone has to follow his instructions and do work according to his demands. Job paid full attention to details even to the minor things as according to him these things give competitive edge on competitors. He has very charismatic personality and is very determinant in his work. He drives his followers very successfully and according to his own will. Lastly he always thinks out of the box that makes him to lead others. According to Steve Jobs “Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower. Influencing: Job is ranked no. 1 for his leadership and power in influencing five industries including Computers, Hollywood, Music, wireless phones and retailing. Organizational Objectives: Job is very much successful in meeting his organizational objectives. He wants to create the product that meets the demand for the current market and he is successful in that. Products were constantly sent back to the lab, new ideas were killed, or new features were required if they didn’t meet standards. Change: Apple stays with its simplistic style. The company might make suitable tweaks to its products, but it remains user friendly. New hardware and technological advances accommodates the rapid changes we experience in everyday life. People: Steve wanted to create a great product and hoped his customers would love it to. He wasn’t friendly, but wanted Apple to succeed. Even though he wasn’t the pleasant person to work with, but former Apple employees respect him for his continuous advancements and high standards. Question#2: Identify leadership roles played by Jobs as CEO of Apple. Which role was the most important? Answer: Job plays different leadership...
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