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Steve Jobs’ Leadership Traits

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Steve Jobs’ Leadership Traits


Steve Jobs is the co-founder of Apple Computer Inc., founded in 1976. And his goal of starting Apple is to change the world through computers (Elliot, 2012). Jobs passed away in 2011 but his passion, hard work, and vision for the Apple Company and its products had led to a great success of the Apple products as well as the Apple Company. The success of the Apple and its products are brought by Steve Jobs’s passion for ensuring that only good product can be delivered to the customers, his charismatic nature when dealing with employees, and his appreciation of innovation among other attributes. This article is going to present some of the attributes that made Jobs’ a good manager at Apple as presented in various books and web articles.


Steve Jobs was unique because he took some approaches that are not conventional in the field of management. For instance, he did not believe in doing market research or hiring consultants. Steve personally stated that; “We do no market research. We don’t hire consultants.” (Mubbisher, 2011) Instead, he believed in following instinct and in figuring out what one (Apple employee) personally needed so as to answer the question of what the customer needs (Mubbisher, 2011). Steve also stated that his management tactic was ‘the Beatles’ because they supported and complemented one another (Elliot, 2012). In short, he was explaining the importance of teamwork and supporting one another towards a common goal.


Steve Jobs was so passionate about his work such that he could communicate his thoughts and the goals for Apple with all employees effectively and at times emotionally (Elliot, 2012). Steve’s speeches were inspiring and motivating. As leaders, charismatic is an important attribute for the reason that the leader should make motivational speeches to motivate employees and to also to make persuasive speeches that advertise a firms to customers, distributors, retailers as well as other stakeholders. Steve’s persuasive nature helped in increasing team spirit as well as increasing enthusiasm (Elliot, 2012). The true way of getting employees excited is to inform them the long-term goal in a truly passionate manner (Elliot, 2012).


Steve Jobs appreciated innovation. This is evident in the series of new and innovative products that were produced at Apple from the year 1990 onward, which also coincided with progressive increase in Apple’s sales (Pride, Hughes, & Kapoor, 2012). There is a need for continuous innovation in order to maintain customers (Denning, 2011). Steve’s passion was in the development of a firm, which had personnel that was motivated to create great products and not excessively focused on the profits (Denning, 2011). Through progressive innovation, Apple was able to develop products with high quality and value, which could help increase Apple’s revenues, increase customer bases, and re-shape the way which this world used to perceive computing.


Steve stated that passion is what keeps one trying even after several failures or obstacles, and passion is also the reason why he started and worked for Apple. Steve’s passion ended up making Apple become one of the largest and the most successful companies in the world. When hiring new employees, Steve also preferred to hire individuals who loved Apple products, who was in line with his passion for Apple because those people...

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