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Topics: Citation, Harshad number, Writing Pages: 2 (428 words) Published: May 23, 2015

Where to Find It in A Pocket Style Manual

Directions: Except for question 1, below each question, write the page numbers where you can find the information requested.

1. How is this book organized?
Different sections with a quick overview of all the issues

2. Where can you get help in understanding APA standards, called conventions, in your writing? 7

3. Where can you find tips on refining searches of databases? 15

4. Where can you find guidance in selecting sources?

5. Where can you get help in determining if a source is scholarly? 19

6. Where can you find guidelines for evaluating web sources? 22

7. Where can you get help so you can avoid plagiarism?

8. Where can you find examples of signal phrases in APA-style papers? 35

9. Where can you find out what goes into an abstract?

10. Where can you find out how to set off long quotations, and what is meant by a long quotation? 48

11. Where can you find sample pages of APA-style papers?

12. Where can you find an example of how to write an APA-style in-text citation of a work with two authors? 102

13. Where can you find out how to write an APA-style reference list entry for a letter to the editor? 112

14. Where can you learn about parallelism in writing?

15. Where can you find out how to avoid or fix misplaced or dangling modifiers? 135

16. Where can you get guidance about avoiding jargon, clichés, and slang? 140

17. Where can you find help in avoiding sexist language?

18. Where can learn how to ensure your subjects and verbs agree with each other? 144

19. Where can you find a list of common irregular verbs (verbs that do not follow prescribed rules when forming tenses)? 148

20. Where can you get help to ensure your pronouns agree with their antecedents (the words they represent)? 154

21. Where can you get help figuring out whether to use I or me? 158

22. Where can you get help to fix or avoid...
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