301 GCE Group Assignment F14

Topics: Citation, APA style, Sexual orientation Pages: 3 (774 words) Published: November 27, 2014
Human Resource Management: HRMT 301
GCE Assignment: “Diversity Management”
Group Research & Report Writing

20% of final course grade Due Date/Presentations: Week 12/13

Objective of Assignment:
To examine beliefs, values and behaviours that form individual and community identities and the basis for respectful relationships in the workplace.


Diversity Management is broader/more inclusive than employment equity. The current labour market includes four generations in the workplace and an increased reliance on migrant workers; diversity in the workplace is greater than ever. Not only are the work teams more diverse, but also with a global market, so are businesses’ clients. Diversity, generally means differences, any difference that you can conceive: height, weight, eye color, right handed vs. left handed, gender, physical ability, age, ethnicity, and on a deeper level: parental status, sexual orientation, beliefs, values, work style, etc.* Source: The textbook and from an article by Kathline Holmes


1. This assignment requires you to prepare a written team report (content details required are noted below).

2. Team composed of regular groups that have formed for this class.

3. Prepare a word-processed file of no more than 8 pages, 1.5 spaces with a font size of 12.

4. Please attach a cover page that MUST include assignment title, group names & ID, course #, my name & submission date.

5. APA Format - Pages MUST be properly electronically numbered, mentioning sections etc……….

6. Create a Table of Contents in a proper word format in a page.

7. Please submit an electronic copy of your assignment on dropbox by November 28th 2014. Late papers will be penalized 10% per day.

8. The paper must be authored by the HRMT 301 students to be graded.

9. To assist you in preparing your...
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