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Topics: Apple Inc., Steve Jobs, IPhone Pages: 3 (848 words) Published: January 6, 2013
The 4 P’s:
We all know the company ‘Apple’, in the last couple of years apple has grown to a really big admired brand. But what are the ingredients that make apple a really successful company? Are those the product, like the Iphone and Ipad? Or are their other reasons why apple has more success than other big companies (like Microsoft, Nokia etc.). This is the question we asked ourselves: What is the key to a successful business? In order to explain those criteria we are going to use the company ‘Apple’ as our example (and our explanation). Product:

One of the important things are of course the products. Before apple came on the market: smartphones, application stores and listening to music on your telephone already existed. But the big breakthrough of smartphones came after apple launched the Iphone. for a business it’s important that your product sells, If a product doesn’t sell all the investment money will be lost and it can lead to bankruptcy. In order to sell a product you need the introduce the product first. You need tell what it’s for, what it can do etc. in short you need to tell a story. Apple is, compared to other companies, a major in telling a story. They don’t throw technical details and specification at you, they will show you in an easy way what you can do with their product. To keep your business going you need to come up with new stuff and products. You need to show to your costumers that you’re still here and that you’re “on top”. Also to keep the attention of your costumers you need to have something special, something exclusive that no other competition has. If you look at Android :Samsung has launched many “galaxy” mobile phones and LG has produced many “optimus” devices, but for consumers it can be really confusing. One device is not yet appeared in the store and yet the other is already announced. Apple on the other hand keeps their assortment clear. There’s only one ipad or one iphone introduced every time. There are maybe a lot of...
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