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Argument Drafting Guide
1. Turn the list of points you made in your outline into a logical, persuasive, engaging argument. Focus on including transitions that will keep your argument flowing from one point to the next. Incorporate rhetorical devices to appeal to your audience. Add parenthetical citations to cite the evidence you include in each paragraph.

(Paste your outline in these sections)
First Draft
I Introduction
Paste your introduction in this section. Make sure you have made any revision suggested by your instructor before pasting. Body Part 1

Use your outline as a guide and write the first section of the body of your argument in this section. Body Part 2

Use your outline as a guide and write the second section of the body of your argument in this section.

2. Paste your completed introduction and body paragraphs in the space below. Then, analyze your writing using these keying techniques: Label the claim and counterclaim in your introduction. Are they supported by the evidence in your body paragraphs? Find your topic sentences and underline them. Are your points stated in clear topic sentences? Number each piece of evidence. Do you have solid evidence that supports your points? Highlight each transition. Are your ideas connected by transitional word, phrases, or thoughts?

3. Look for any areas you can make improvements. Ask yourself:

Is my information clear and easy to follow?
Did I use enough transitions to keep my speech flowing from one idea to the next?

4. Try reading your body paragraphs aloud to see how they sound. If you find places where you need stronger support or your ideas need a smoother connection, go back and make revisions.

5. Wrap up your argument with a strong conclusion. Remember, in the conclusion, you tell your audience: "what you told them" but briefly
remind them of the importance of your topic
restate your claim addressing any counterclaims

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