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* WRITE a 1-page paper using the above chapters in your textbook as the reference (see the Nursing Student Writing Guidelines Checklist for paper requirements [25% of paper grade]) answering the following questions: a. Review the Models of Transition (Bridges; Spencer & Adams). Using examples from your life, how and where do you see yourself reflected in the two Models of Transition? (HEADING IN PAPER: My Models of Transition in Nursing) b. Review Role Theory/Role Stress & Strain. Provide examples from your life of the multiple roles that you assume and the satisfaction/role strain and stress that you experience among those roles. What strategies are you using to deal with role stress and ensure success in your role transition as a student? (HEADING IN PAPER: My Roles in the Nursing Profession) c. Review Advanced Nursing Education and Practice. How does the education, credentialing, role and focus of the family nurse practitioner) DIFFER from the education, credentialing, role and focus of a primary care physician in family practice? You will need to do a literature search to compare the Family NP and the Family Practice MD. (HEADING IN PAPER: Comparison of the Family Nurse Practitioner and Family Practice Medical Doctor). d. Use the above headings in your paper. If you refer to other resources, the intext citations and a reference list MUST be found in your paper (including referencing your textbook, if appropriate). See the Nursing Student Writing Guidelines Checklist for APA formatting. *NOTE: Points will be deducted for papers significantly over or under the page limit. 5) UPLOAD completed paper (file) into the Turn-It-Assignment drop box by September 15th @ 11:59pm. 6) EMAIL: End-of-Semester term paper topic to azutille@fiu.edu.
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