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1001EHR Essay Semester 2 _2012: Student Instructions & Marking Criteria


The aim of this assessment task is to get you to think critically and analytically about the topic below:

The state should stay out of the employment relationship. Critically discuss.

By the end of this task, students should be able to:

- Identify key sides to the debate, by examining trends in Australian Employment Relations.

- Identify evidence to show how this proposition may be supported or refuted.

- In relation to the above, develop academic research skills.

- Develop a critical, coherent and persuasive argument/stance on the proposition



- 1200 words (+/- 100 words or 10%)

Due Date and Submission:

- WEEK 9

- IN PERSON, IN TUTORIALS (do NOT email to your tutor, head tutor, lecturer or student admin, do NOT submit to the library)

- You will need to submit your assignment through SafeAssign at Learning@Griffith and attach a copy of the report to your Essay.


- 12 point typed, either 1.5 or double spaced, legible font (Times New Roman or Arial etc – be consistent).

- Insert page numbers
- Avoid using first person - I, me, us, we etc.
- Type in your name & student number at the top of the page

- Directly below your name, type in your tutor’s name and tutorial time.

- Put your word count at the end of the essay

- Use Harvard referencing (You can use APA style referencing if you are already familiar with this style). Be consistent and use one or the other.

Commonly Asked Questions ;

“Do I have to use all 8 references in my essay?

Yes. We have chosen 8 references as the minimum standard to demonstrate that good quality essays require the student to read widely to get a range of perspectives and evidence. It is certainly possible to include many more. Remember that any reference in the reference list must be used in the essay.

“Does it matter if the articles I find focus on another country like America? “

As we covered mainly the Australian experience in the course, the focus of the essay should be Australia. However, you might like to include brief points of comparison from other countries to demonstrate the point/s you are making..


Marking Criteria

Student: Tutorial: Tutor’s name:

|CATEGORY | Above Standard | Meets Standards | Approaching Standards |Below Standards | |Introduction (4 marks in total)|Clearly introduces the topic, states the |Introduces topic and presents key |Introduces topic but it is not clear what the|No introduction. | | |key argument/stance and provides the reader|argument/stance/ |key argument/stance is | | | |with a brief outline of what the essay will| | | | | |cover. | | | | |Argument/Stance (5 in total) |The argument/stance provides a clear, |The argument/stance provides a clear |An attempt has been made to present an |There is no position statement. | | |strong statement of the author's position |statement of the author's position on |argument/stance, but does not make the | | |...

References: are not all cited/some are cited |is incorrect or missing. Citation styles are mixed |
| |cited correctly using APA or Harvard |correctly using APA or Harvard |incorrectly. Citation styles are mixed up. |up. |
| |referencing style. |referencing style. | | |
Total: /25
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