Abortion: Citation and Argument

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GECR2102Thought and Writing II

Guidelines for Term Essay (20% of total course grade)

Write an argumentative essay on ONE of the topics below with the use of definition and classification.

Topic: A controversial topic that has some applications in Hong Kong.

* Censorship in the media
* Abortion
* Homosexual rights

Length: 1000 – 1200 words (direct quotations, in-text citations and the sources listed on the References page are not included in the word count).

Format: The essay is structured in 5 paragraphs and it should be typed with Times New Roman or Calibri in font size 12 and double-line spaced. APA style must be used for citation and referencing. Student should include information such as name, student number, course title, course code and section code either on the cover page or header for easy identification.

APA documentation:
(1) In-text citation:
a. Use at least two short direct quotations (exact words from the reference material in inverted commas) and include a correct in-text citation. (Maximum length two typed lines but single words, phrases, and parts of sentences can be used as direct quotations and integrated (mixed in) with the grammar of your own sentences.) b. Use information and ideas from the sources as much as you need to in your own words and sentences and include a correct in-text citation for all information and ideas used. Include an in-text citation each time you use information or quote from reference material.

(2) References page:
a. Write up a References page in alphabetical order in APA Documentation Style at the end of your paper. b. All references on your References page must be cited in writing at least once and all sources cited in writing must be on your References list.

Paper outline: You are required to submit the paper outline for peer review and approval in the 2-hour session in week 8.

Deadline: Last meeting in week 10, i.e. 29 or 30 Apr (Mon or Tue) (a hardcopy to be submitted to your teacher in class and a soft copy to be uploaded to Turnitin via Moodle)

About your position:

1. Your position in the topic must be something that not many people agree with. sexual harassment must be punished because...
sexual harassment must not be punished because...

2. Your position must not be simplistic.
the government should not support same-sex marriage because it is evil. the government should not have to make decisions about same-sex marriages because marriage is a matter of religion; the government should only concern itself with civil unions as a basis of the rights of couples.

3. This is not a personal essay, so your position must not merely be a casual statement. It must be something that you strongly believe in.

About development:

1. You must support your position using logic, evidence, and developmental methods.

2. You must use definition as part of your argument.

3. You must use classification as part of your argument.

4. As an argument essay, you must address the opposing point of view. You can do this by either just acknowledging it, or by refuting it with an anti-thesis or a middle-ground.

About research:

1. You must have at least four secondary sources in this essay.

2. Demonstrate a good range of sources. Do not just have one or two kinds.

3. When using the internet, use fact-based, not opinion-based material. Do not use material that have low credibility such as Wikipedia, blogs, forum posts, student essays, promotional materials, personal articles with no listed author or an author with no evidence of authority in the area, etc. Good materials are online newspapers, online journals, online databases, online books, online abstracts, government sites, etc.

Give a citation for your borrowed information and a reference item for each citation on the reference list on the last page. Part ITerm Paper outline...

References: page have been cited in writing.__ Other writing strategies in addition to argumentation have been used effectively in the essay. |
Language use and coherence | __ The writing is mostly clear and accurate. __ The writing is in academic style.__ The content shows a good understanding of the reading material and the issue.__ The argument is convincing and logical. |
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