About Edumentor

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About eduMENTOR

This is a very small firm. Its full name is edumentor educational services. It provides coaching to students for cracking entrance exams of B.B.S.; B.B.A.; B.B.E. Promoter of edumentor is Vikas Jain who is Shaheed Sukhdev College of studies passout. At the moment, edumentor is a partnership firm run by Mr. Vikas Jain and Mr. Manuj Arora.

Although it is a small firm but it is fastest growing coaching centre ever (according to data provided by them). Edumentor is just three years old and is now threatening the business of IMS (temple of learning); T.I.M.E.; Career launcher and many smaller coaching centres.

Members of eduMENTOR

Mr. Vikas Jain and Mr. Manuj Arora (owners of the firm)
Mr. Aashish and Mr. Saurabh
Mr. Deepak Sharma

There were 3 more employees who were sitting in the office, but I don’t know the name of them. I am assuming there name as A, B, C.

Level of management

There is no middle level management in this firm. There is only low level management and high level management in edumentor. My project is based on high level management of edumentor.

My history with

There is a history of mine with edumentor. I have worked here as a trainee. Last year (March, 2008), edumentor was conducting counseling for commerce students who were appearing for 12th class board exam. They appointed more than 250 trainees for this purpose. I was supervisor of 7 trainees. Among those trainees there was a guy named Deepak Sharma. We became very good friends at that time. After the completion of counseling project, I left edumentor, but Deepak still worked there and today he is project manager of edumentor. I also know Vikas Jain, Manuj Arora, aashish, saurabh because of last year training done by me.

My observation in

I have spent 3 days in edumentor for doing organizational behaviour project. On day 1, as I entered the office, aashish sir greeted me, I felt very much delighted because aashish sir always...
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