Academic Integrity

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A new understanding of Academic integrity
Plagiarism in academic circles is becoming a major worldwide issue, perhaps students just discovery inspirations, but more likely, they steal opinions and use these ideas as their own. Therefore, the cycle of plagiarism may never stop.Academic plagiarism is not an issue which is limited to China. Every university plays a strong emphasis on academic integrity. For example, at Brock(2010), academic integrity refers to your acknowledgment of and respect for the academic principles and behaviors that support the University’s mission. This includes: •Completing your own work.

Documenting your research (citing the work of others).
Acting ethically and with integrity as you pursue your academic studies. •Being responsible and taking responsibility for your actions. •Learning from your mistakes.
Setting the example (being a good academic citizen).

I believe that this problem is very serious in universities today. The administration should do everything they can to stop plagiarism. This could include lecturing students on how to properly quote references, and also raising the penalities for those who are found guilty of plagiarism.

This is my first time to get in touch with this new phrase: Academic integrity. To be honest, Students in China including me seldom acquire knowledge concerning subjects like Academic Integrity; so I have to admit that I only have faint sense of Academic Integrity, which is never cheating in examinations. I think it is partly caused by Chinese education system. When I was Child, the only understanding of integrity is to be an honest child or do not lie to your parents and teachers. When I grow up, I clearly know that cheating is a really bad thing. Thus I think, to some extent, these two rules are more like moral integrity but academic integrity. We can quote words or opinions of others freely and we do not know it is also a kind of plagiarism. Teachers only care about whether we...
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