ACC2130 IMA Coursework 2014 15

Topics: Citation, Microsoft Word, Bibliography Pages: 22 (4871 words) Published: December 2, 2014
ACC2130 Issues in Management Accounting

Module Leader: Dr. Jatin Pancholi

Coursework 2014-15


1. Instructions (READ THIS FIRST)1
2. Coursework – ESSAY3
3. Sample Title Page4
4. Student guide to paraphrasing5
5. Referencing and Citation Style7
6. How to submit on MyUniHub Moodle using Turnitin18

1. Instructions (READ THIS FIRST)

1) Coursework must be submitted in a computerised A4 page-sized Microsoft Word format in “Online Submission of ACC2130 Coursework” using “Turnitin” on MyUniHub Moodle. There is NO need to submit the coursework in printed hard copy. The steps of submission on MyUniHub Moodle are clearly mentioned in “How to submit on “MyUniHub Moodle using Turnitin” section of this handout. 2) Your file must be in MS Word format and NOT in any other format. Any version of MS Word format is acceptable. The word limit is 3,000 words. Title Page, Footnotes, Bibliography, Charts, Graphs, Formulae, Calculations, Tables, Appendices DO NOT count towards the word count. A deviation of 5% in word count on either side is acceptable. 3) Your MS Word file name must be . E.g. M0012345678. If you submit the Coursework file with some other file name, then it shall NOT be evaluated. 4) The title page of the Coursework must be as per the “Sample Title Page” provided in this handout. 5) Under no circumstances, will any email or hard copy submission be accepted towards the submission of the Coursework. 6) The Coursework in total is of 40% of the final assessment for this module. The minimum pass mark for the entire module is 40%. The minimum pass mark just for the Coursework is 30% (i.e. 12 marks). The recommended marks are 16 out of 40 so as to reduce the problem of averages. 7) You can submit the Coursework online on MyUniHub Moodle anytime after 1st November 2014. The Deadline (last date) for submission of the Coursework: 2:00 PM – Monday 15th December 2014.

8) Students are expected to write the Coursework on their own. Under no circumstances will any form of plagiarism be tolerated. Any books, journals, newspapers, websites, etc. referred for the Coursework must be mentioned as a part of footnotes and references as per the standard way. 9) While submitting the Coursework online on MyUniHub, the students are required to use Turnitin that measures in %, the similarity of the work with other work. There is no minimum or maximum % of plagiarism acceptable. There is no rule as to what % of plagiarism is allowed. The only way is not to undertake plagiarism. The following are 2 extreme examples: a. Example-1: a student has copied 20% of the content from 1 journal article. This will be certainly unacceptable and will lead to failure in the coursework. b. Example-2: a student has taken 1% each from 20 different sources and hence the Turnitin total is showing 20%. This may be acceptable provided other contents are relevant to the coursework and these 20 sources are properly cited in the main body text and also in the References at the end of the coursework. 10) You MUST print a “Digital Receipt” while submission. This might be needed in future for reference. 11) The students are expected to retain their own copy of the coursework for their future reference. 12) Students will not be allowed to submit the Coursework after the deadline is over. The MyUniHub Moodle will automatically disable the Coursework submission. 13) The students are strongly encouraged and advised to refer research papers, journal articles, newspapers, websites, etc. However, copying from these sources para to para is strictly prohibited. Students are strongly recommended to use the ideas explained in “Student guide to paraphrasing” section of this handout. 14) Ensure that proper accurate references are cited as per the guidelines given in “References and Citation Style” section of this handout. 15) In case of any confusion on any aspect of this Coursework, kindly put your questions in “Module Discussions &...

Citations: Smith (1990, p23) cited evidence that the statistical analysis is unsound.
If there are two authors, the surnames of both separated by “and” should be given before the date
Smith and Jones (1990, p64) proved that the statistical analysis is unsound
Smith, Jones and Jones (1990) made various claims that the statistical analysis was unsound.
Subsequent references should be in abbreviated form, the surname of the first author followed by et al
Supporting evidence appears in a study by Black (cited in Smith and Jones, 1990, p64)
Smith (1990a, p23) has provided evidence that the statistical analysis is unsound.
To cite a website with a known author use only the name of the author followed by the year the page was last updated
The National Aids Manual (2001) suggests that abacavir may be taken more than twice a day
Over 6m people expressed an interest in UK nurse training in 1999 according to the English National Board (2001)
Quotation marks are used to enclose direct quotations from speech and writing
Smith (1990, p23) concluded that “there was a fundamental discrepancy in the original data”
Carpenito, L.J. (1999). Nursing care plans and documentation: nursing diagnoses and collaborative problems. (3rd ed). Philadelphia: Lippincott.
b) Electronic books
Carpenito, L.J. (1999). Nursing care plans and documentation: nursing diagnoses and collaborative problems. [online]. (3rd ed). Philadelphia: Lippincott. Available from: [Accessed 26th March 2001].
2) Articles in Journals
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