Topics: Life, Steve Jobs, The Passion of the Christ Pages: 3 (1047 words) Published: October 21, 2013
Jacky Hou
Period 6
Cause and Effect: Achievement
Grade Attempting: A
Word Count: 1045

With the advancements made in modern society, the desire to make an impact grows tremendously as historical figures rise and fall. What causes the passion to pursue achievement is the constant pressure for wanting to rise out and above the seven billion. We can choose to live the gloomy mediocre life or we choose to push ourselves to be the best of the best and live the “American dream.” When life gives us lemons, either be the average guy who spends it right away to make lemonade or be the unique innovator among crowd who invests it to create a lemon tree to have a continual income of lemons. Our capability to conquer achievements result from the motives that have been implanted within us at a young age so that we can blossom into significant figures while experiencing life one step at a time. Children need to be exposed to what they are passionate about at a young age to create a path for them to walk on. Those who chose to become singers, did so, not because they just felt like it, but because there was “spark” when they had first started singing at a young age. Those who chose become dancers, did so, because they experienced the thrill of adrenaline. Those who choose to become olympians, did so, because they shined in the spirit of competitiveness. The point is, the quicker children are to develop a passion, the quicker they learn of that particular passion. Nowadays, it’s all about one-upping each other in this battle to be most successful one can and will ever be. Humanity is built upon competition (whether it be jobs, sports, or even positions) because if there wasn’t competition, then everyone would be the same. Natural selection exists because no one likes to be held down when they can be dominant. In order to be success at any type career, a burning desire has to be developed at a young age. Steve Jobs does a great job of demonstrating how one can rise from...
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