Acme Manufacturing Company

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Acme Manufacturing Company

The case of Acme Manufacturing Company is about a production manager who is basically lost his control over his time management. Because of that he did lots of mistakes in his daily professional life. Before we understand the whole case, we have to know all the character belongs to this case. So I tried to list out all the character below:

* Steve Arnold:Production Manager & theme person of the case. * George Summers:Steve Arnold’s Friend.
* Ruth Sweeney:Steve Arnold’s Secretary.
* Frank Jones:Vice President of Production & Steve Arnold’s Boss. * Sue Bradley:Vice President of Sales.
* Lucy Adams:Production Supervisor.
* Paul Chen:Production Supervisor.
* Glenda Brown:Assistant Manager.
* Mr. Ferris:Material Supplier of the Production.

Some Specific Things Steve did wrong:

* Spend too many times for the Monthly production Report in night. As a result, he has to oversleep. * It is important for any job to be present in office as early as possible. But Steve did the reverse. Every single minute has some value but he late 45 minutes. * As Steve is late, he has no time. But he stopped in the shipping area by seeing his friend George Summers. It is not the right time to ask about the friend’s family. * He misplaced the valuable memo which will be announced in the meeting. * Sue Bradley, the Vice President of Sales give some task to Steve of a rush order for one of the company’s important client. But he delegates that task to someone else. * He found the lost memo just before the meeting. As a result, he could not study enough about the agenda of the meeting. So, he failed to contribute to the meeting. * He failed to understand the priority of the task. That why, he was busy with the Monthly production Report. But he forgot to prepare the quality data which has been asked by the Frank Jones who is the Vice President of...
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