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Love and admiration is different. I love my parents, but I personally admire an American leader, Steve Jobs. In my opinion he was the best CEO of Apple and of course the most famous. As you know he is no longer alive, however his accomplishments are still remembered by people worldwide. In fact Jobs was not an easy person to work for – by that I mean he had a temper and many people found it hard to work with him, but they still did! This was because he was an absolute genius and his subordinates knew that he would make the company thrive. Many people, including me don't really care about his attitude problems since his inventions are fantastic. CNBC has named Steve Jobs the most influential person of the last 25 years. Thus, he is also my hero and without him I would never have been able to play games with the touch screen, listen to music, take photos and make phone calls on the same device. It is clear that Steve Jobs had an undeniable passion for what he did.  Passion is to make a difference.  Such passion is well established as one of the key ingredients in the world’s most successful businesses.  It’s something I ’ve come to actively look for to become a successful individual. as a result, ssteVjobs is alwways the bestexample for sẻeking 4 success There are some leaders who are great because of their charisma while others are famous for their intelligence. Steve jobs is a perfect example of this It is a shame he died at such a young age, I think he could have helped society much more with his inventions – but I guess that was his fate.
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