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Q1. Use the Cyclic Innovation Model figure to illustrate the innovation process in this case and provide a brief description? Traditionally, innovation models are linear and simple one way pipelines which only model only built on the concept of linear chain innovation. Cyclic Innovation Model (CIM) which also cross-disciplinary is become the new concept of innovation. It is a cyclical process there various forces influence and interacts with each other. This model is represents a circle with 'Nodes of Change' which are: Technological Research, Product Creation, Scientific Exploration and Market Transitions. They are able to work in process of greater investment and scalability, improved know-how and also reduced product time to market. Apple Corporation introducing IPod to the MP3 market also subjugate competitors for years. From this results, Apple Co are successfully and correctly executed CIM. The growing process of IPod can be broke down in the 4 nodes. Starting with ‘Scientific Exploration’, Apple was collect information from lifestyle and market variation. After Ipod appear on the market the social was change that everyone desires to get one so the demand increased and bring up music industry because it is the first who only focused on simplifying the interaction between music store. Second, 'Market Transitions' is refer to what social behavior and trend are going as consumer are greedy they may looking for one device that can integrate more functions. Apple was successfully towards IPod to hold consumer heart but consumers would feel bored after a time as many competitors are towards similar product. Deal to this integrated concept, Apple has to accepted and execute in 'Product Creation' it is regarding to create a new or improve a product to suits the need or want of consumer. After that, they have to execute in ‘Technological Research’ that finding expert technical to develop a new product to meet the demand of consumer. Therefore, IPhone was...
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