Analysis Apple’s Ad Campaign During London 2012

Topics: Apple Inc., Macintosh, Personal computer Pages: 4 (1581 words) Published: March 10, 2013
The reason why I came up with such a topic with Apple’s ad campaign is that we are too familiar with Apple’s products to ignore it. From this perspective, analyzing a topic like this should be valuable. Today, everyone have their own feels about TV commercials, whether it’s good or not, whether it attracts your attention, whether you want to get it or not after watching the ad. Especially Apple’s commercials. For example, “Mac and PC” series, though they are always be argued by people even until today. They are great success which changed people’s opinion of computer to buy. However, not all Apple’s ads are great, like the one I analyzed below – the TV series played during London 2012, is a good example. I mainly discussed this ad in all 3 perspectives: Ethos, pathos and logos. I first give a background of it, how the ad looks like. Then I discuss it scene by scene, one character after another. Finally, I draw a conclusion that Apple should fix their campaign to keep leading in the US market. After Wednesday’s group work, I found that there are still some flaws in my essay. Most of them said that I am lack of evidences when I analyzing this commercial. So I put more evidences and discussions for each perspective category. This also solved the problem that I didn’t analyzed much like they said. Additionally, some of them told us the 3rd paragraph is not necessary, relating this commercial to my major is not so effective. Then I decided to remove it in this revision of essay.

Analysis: Apple’s ad campaign during London 2012
Generally, most people are familiar with Apple’s advertising campaign. Some of their TV commercials are really cool, like the series you might still be able to recall, the “Mac and PC” series, which cost a lot of money and time to make. Then the result is indeed positive; people like it which leads to sales growth of Mac computers. As a comparison, Apple played their most recent TV commercials during London 2012. One in the series is called...
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