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Topics: Writing, Personal name, Citation Pages: 2 (550 words) Published: January 25, 2015
Sample Student
Mrs. Morgan
English 101-36
31 January 2014
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Does your first line contain the name of the essay and the author’s full name? Your first line should look something like, but is not limited to, this: In the essay, “Why Should I be Nice to you? Coffee Shops and the Politics of Good Service” Emily Raine explains that baristas of the world should be rude to their customers. Once you state the author’s full name, you may simply refer to the author by his or her last name. Check to see if you did that. If not, cross out the author’s first name throughout. I am really, very, like so excited that you are about to check for word choice. Circle any first or second person that you see, as well as filler words like, “like,” “really,” and “very.” Check to make sure that your analysis is long enough. Does it reach the end of the page? If not, draw a line to the bottom and write, “too short.” Also, make sure that it is not too long. I will only read 3 lines over one page, and after that, I will start taking off points for your analysis being too long. The reason I say this is because you need to learn to formulate your arguments succinctly. You do not need to have an introduction, body, and conclusion, but you can. When I write an analysis, I typically start with my thesis statement as the first line, and then I spend the rest of the page supporting that thesis with examples from the text. Examples can come in the form of an explanation, clarification, or quotation. Did you like that parallel structure there? Did you use any quotes from the essay? If so, did you cite them properly? In the next paragraph, you will see a proper citation, introduced by a signal tag, followed by the quotation, closed with an ending citation, and supported by a sentence of analysis. The author notes, “Here is my quote; it’s a super great quote. Seriously, how awesome is this quote? I’m almost done. Okay, this quote is officially over” (Morgan 123). Here’s...
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