Analytical Comparison

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The thirteen English colonies can be divided into four geographic regions or "Sections": the Southern colonies,  Chesapeake, New England and the Mid-Atlantic Colonies. Compare and contrast two of the four sections. Pick two regions and compare and contrast the development of each. Summarize the European history of each region and note the reasons for founding, religion, patterns of settlement and any unusual or unique characteristics. What characteristics did the regions have in common? How did they differ? You may also want to research the subject through the on-line resources of the TCCD library or directly through the internet. You may also use your textbooks, Chapter 2 & 3, and the Content Pages for Online lesson #2.   You should be carefulif using Internet sources, though, that they are reliable and authorititative.  Superior projects will use additional sources beyond the Text book. You should use MLA or Chicago Manual of Style for citations - and a bibliography should be attached.  This assignment has a 50 point value with points awarded according to the quality of your response to the questions asked. The design length is to be "around" 4 - 5 pages of single spaced essay, though there is no hard and fast rule about length.  Prepare your document as a Word file, doc. or rtf file, and then send it to . Please put Your Name and Project on the Subject Line Be sure and Save a copy of your paper just in case it does not upload correctly the first time. Your essay should be in complete sentences, paragraph form and utilizing correct grammar and punctuation. Note the deadline for completing this assignment.
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