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I. Identify and Guess (10 points)

Hmmmm….what do you think these underlined words in the following sentences mean? Write your educated guess in the space provided beneath each context clue.

1. One of the reasons I don’t like to use medicines like cough syrup is that the taste is absolutely vile; if I’m supposed to be able to tolerate it, you’d think that the makers would make it less disgusting.

2. Mrs. Hatcher announced that in all her years of teaching second grade, she had never experienced a more impudent bunch of students; this year’s class was so disrespectful and rude that she actually called in the principal to observe their awful behavior.

3. The Coca-Cola Company is credited with helping create the image of a jovial, merry Santa Clause that we know today; before 1862, Santa was more of an elf-like figure than the round, jolly man seen in popular culture now.
4. “Jenny, if this mess isn’t cleaned up, there will be no iPhone 5 in your future. Ever.” The peremptory tone of her mother’s voice made it clear to Jenny that there was no room for argument or disobedience, and she cleaned up the kitchen without another word.

5. I totally get that teenagers and young adults got excited about the last Twilight movie, but I was shocked at the effusive behavior of the “Twi-Moms”; their boundless enthusiasm and sudden disregard for social behavioral norms was unbelievable.

6. Finally, the Latin teacher got fed up at the inane questions that the students were asking and informed them that if they were not going to ask questions expected of mature students in a proper classroom setting, then she would offer them all failing grades and an invitation back to daycare, where they could continue with their silly, pointless behavior and questions.

7. Walking into the bakery, I had to quell the sudden urge to order one of each truffle behind the glass; you never realize how much you love chocolate until you have to fight yourself to not eat every single piece in sight.

8. Stop calling me a chicken; your insults are just an attempt to goad me into doing something that I don’t want to do – something that might get me hurt. Nothing you can say will push me to ride my bike down that snake-infested ravine.

9. The word “natural” on labels is an example of the pernicious nature of the food industry; a soda that has “all natural” ingredients is not healthy, nor should I think it is just because of some hurtful, non-regulated wording on the bottle.

10. When we went to deliver the gifts to the family we had “adopted” for the holidays, I was saddened by their squalid living conditions. No one should have to live in such miserable and neglected surroundings, and later that day, we came back to do some repairs that the landlord had.

II. Verify (10 points)

Now that you have made an educated guess as to what each of the underlined words means, please consult a dictionary to see what the appropriate and best definition for each word is; write the definition in the space provided. Use the context clues in the sample sentences and the parts of speech here in parentheses to help you determine the correct definition.

1. vile (adj.)

2. impudent (adj.)

3. jovial (adj.)

4. peremptory (adj.)

5. effusive (adj.)

6. inane (adj.)

7. quell (v.)

8. goad (v.)

9. pernicious (adj.)

10. squalid (adj.)

III. Make Meaning (10 points)

You’ve found the correct definition, but does that really help you? Do you want to go through each day sounding like you’re quoting from Merriam Webster? In this section, take some time to write down how you understand each word’s definition – in a less technical, more casual way. Use the...
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