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APA Intro Format Essay
Frequently, students tend to hang in their paper work with a variety of format. The importance of the assignment’s presentation is basically to prepare students for the real world. For example, in a business environment, the presentations of a business plan have to be straightforward and be able to meet every requirement. The reader should be able to read easily and then identify the main points. To show professionalism of the individual provides a good image of him/her. Due to follow a guide for citation and assignment paper, the American Psychological Association (APA) style created a guide for academic format specified in “Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association” in July 2009. (American Psychological Association, 2014). So probably you’ll wonder why and how it is useful. APA format basically help you to do a better research and provide a good list of reference avoiding copyright issues and/or plagiarism. Besides, paraphrasing can be use, but only with citation in the text, since you haven’t do the research directly, just taking it from the source, giving credit to the original author. Furthermore, for school/college/university paper work evaluate your ability to collect information to build up your work. For instance, a research for having a good idea, and be able to support it with source, is equivalent a good work. As it was mention before, it will give the document a specific format in which help everything to be in order and at the same time to provide a professional look. General rules are to be written in 12-point size Times New Roman. For the title, don’t underline or bold it. Double-space with uniform margins of 1 in (2.54 cm). Hanging indents at the reference list (starts on a new page), and also arrange sources in alphabetical order with only the author’s given name (not full name) with space between initials. Provide the year of publication edition number, place of publication, publisher name, and the...

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