Apa Guidelines

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APA Guidelines

A documentation style is a standard approach to the citation of sources that the author of a paper has consulted, abstracted, or quoted from. Documentation prescribes methods for citing references within the text, providing a list of works cited at the end of the paper, and even formatting headings and margins. Every academic schools uses different documentation styles. Documentation styles allow you to give credit for secondary sources you have used in writing a paper. Citing sources also allows your readers to locate the sources you have consulted. Documentation style is important because it allows you to give credit where credit is due.

The APA approach covers all aspects of writing. It guides the structural and stylistic writing. It guides the structural and stylistic components of all papers. The scientific paper attempts to show something that has already been verified true. Using the actual APA style makes documents and letters more presentable and professional. From the one inch margins to the double spaced sentences.

Plagiarism is to steal and pass of the ideas or words from another person as your own work. Writers sometimes steal others work , and other times writers unintentionally plagiarize because they get confused, have poor notes, and intellectually unprepared, run out of time, or do not know how to correctly references sources. Academic honesty is making sure you give credit where credit is due. Following APA formatting can help you maintain academic honesty by showing you the proper way to cite your sources and to keep your paper flowing smoothly.

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