Apple's Beethoven

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Apple’s Beethoven

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17 March 2013


Apple computer was about to be considered obsolete and go the way of so many other companies before it if did not adapt to the new age like Polaroid missing the start of the digital photography era. That was until 2000 when founder Steve Jobs realized he was going down the wrong path of trying to develop video editing software for the Macintosh and did a very quick turnaround to look at the MP3 era. Innovation and creativity had been missing from Apple for 20 years when the introduction of the iPod brought the company back (Baltzan & Phillips, 2009, p. 3). “…iPod, a brilliant merger of technology, business, and entertainment, catapulted Apple back into the mainstream”. The ability of founder Steve Jobs to realize he was going down the wrong path, evaluate, and quickly adjust was paramount to Apple’s turn around.

Background and Context of Study
Apple Inc. is a technology company specializing in hardware and software development of personal computers, laptops, personal music devices, smart phones and tablets. Apple began in the early days of personal computing, before most people were even aware that it was possible to have a computer in each home. In revenue, Apple Inc. is the second largest information technology company after Samsung Electronics. Apple Inc. has a storied history of great successes, failures, resurrection and global leadership. Currently it is one of the most widely recognized and respected organizations in the world. Apple's unique product introductions have become a spectacle unto themselves, drawing millions of viewers to see what their latest innovations are. Apple is currently considered a lifestyle brand, with people proudly displaying their apple logo stickers on a multitude of places.

Review of Related Facts about the Study
Organizational History
Apple, the computer company was founded in 1976 by 3 creators. They sold personal computer kits hand-built. These kits were a serious change in demographic for computers, which at the time were only the domain of very large companies for accounting, calculation and related fields. During the early years of Apple, they were entirely a computer hardware and software company. One of the most important moves in the computer industry happened when Apple employees were invited to Xerox PARC, a technology R&D division of the Xerox Corporation, to view a computer called the Xerox Alto. This computer was revolutionary in its design, as it was the first machine to combine a "mouse" control device and a graphical user interface, the same kind of setup that 90% of computers use today.

Current Issues / Concerns
Apple has been solidly in the lead when it comes to smart phones and tablets since 2007, however competitors such as Samsung in the hardware area and Microsoft in the software arena are steadily cutting into Apple's lead. These other companies are offering newer devices and more features more rapidly than Apple, however Apple has an extremely loyal user base.

Facts about the case

Apple entirely adopts the Xerox PARC computer project, and with it, launches the Macintosh personal computer. While unique at launch, the Microsoft Windows based personal computers, using an open platform for several manufacturers, pushed windows based PC's to much lower prices. Steve Jobs himself was not the computer expert as far as programming, but he instead found others who were...
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