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Apple Inc. in 2010
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Apple Inc, in 2010
Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak created Apple Computer Inc. in 1976, introducing the first apple personal computer that was mass produced. Throughout the years apple has attained great heights and success in the computer and technological arena. The company has had a competitive advantage in the creation and marketing of the iPod, iPhone, and various other personal media devices including the apple personal computer. This paper will address the following: 1.How Apple compete in the PC market? How has its strategy evolved with the changing industry dynamics? 2. Assess Apple’s competitive position in regarding MP3 players and Smartphone. What threats are seen? What challenges confront Apple at the end of the case? 3.Was Steve Jobs an effective strategic leader? Since his departure what has happened to Apple? How Apple Competes in the PC Market

Apple competed in the 2010 market at an all time high, with personal computer shipment increasing to a cool 27.7 percent. This gave Apple the momentum they were looking for, outperforming other personal computer vendors. Apple was not the fourth largest in personal computer market share below Dell, HP, and Acer. Apple has evolved with the changing industry and in capturing market share with the introduction of new innovation technological products. Apple’s Competitive Position, MP3 Players and Smart-phones

In the last quarter of 2010, Apple acquired a whopping 86 percent of growth in the iPhone sales. Apple outperformed competitors such as RIM Corporations blackberry with a 35 percent market growth. Apple launched a new device that grew in the technological industry like a wildfire the iPad. The iPad tablet introduced to the public market in April 2010 during an unfavorable time when a personal gadget costing $500 was not in the average person’s budget. Even though the iPad costs $500 it has been said...

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