Apple Branding: Marketing Management

Topics: ITunes Store, Apple Inc., IPhone Pages: 3 (977 words) Published: June 17, 2013
Apple Branding
Jeffrey S. Yaede
BUS 620 Marketing Management
Dr. Ray Powers
January 22, 2013

The Apple brand experienced a creative, marketing, and competitive edge under the leadership of Steve Jobs. From the iPod and iTunes to the iPhone and the iPad, Apple used creative marketing techniques to create a counter internet culture. While the internet focused on bringing everyone together, Apple successfully marketed towards the concepts of personal empowerment and centricity (Pedersen). By doing so, Apple created a participatory culture where Apple products became cultural icons thereby boosting sales and building a loyal customer base. Since the death of Steve Jobs in 2012, many are asking if Apple’s brand is in jeopardy. Will Apple be able to continue its tremendous growth or will the company experience a declining status in the years to come? The answers to both questions likely lies in Apple’s ability to be technologically innovative and marketing savvy. Also of importance, is the question of what metrics should be used to measure Apple’s success in the future? This paper addresses these questions and looks at expectations for Apple’s future. In 2012, Apple won a lawsuit versus Samsung over patent infringement. Historically, Apple defends their technology patents with an army of lawyers. Having shown a ruthless nature under the leadership of Steve Jobs, Apple has created major roadblocks for its competition. While Apple has every right to defend their technology there is a major danger in keeping other companies out of the spoils of technological innovation. UBS analyst, Milunovich (2012) recently argued that “the likelihood of Apple being leapfrogged or a rival creating a new category is greater if they have to think out of the box.” By keeping the competition away from Apple technology, Apple motivates the competition to be more innovative. Until recently, Apple has proven worthy of out innovating the competition but historical odds...

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