Apple Case Analysis

Topics: Steve Jobs, Apple Inc., IPhone Pages: 3 (927 words) Published: October 24, 2013

Apple has become one of the most distinguished companies over the past decades; with its advanced product innovation and diverse product line it has managed to produce extremely large revenues and margins. Founded in 1976 on the west coast Apple inc. has single handedly caused a computer revolution, in essence, creating the personal computer industry. For the majority of its company’s existence CEO Steve Jobs had run it. In light of Steve Jobs unfortunate death Apple will have to continue to create innovative electronic products to continue down its successful path. Speculation towards the survival of Apple has been in question sense he passed away. Job’s was the brain behind Apples product line. With his attention to detail and drive for perfection the company has become the best in electronic technology. With the absence of Job’s will the remaining officers be able to maintain Apples continual growth and substantial profits? I’m not convinced.

Apple has managed to diversify its product lines at precisely the right time in order to create new markets rather than merely enter existing markets. They began their company on the basis of personal computers but quickly began to diversify as they saw opportunity. Job’s orchestrated the development of products such as the iPod, iPad, and iPhone. By 2003 apple appeared to be reinventing itself as a digital entertainment company, moving far beyond the personal computer industry. With the advent of the iPod came about the need for music to be sold on iTunes as well as an early approach to there Application store. These online stores allowed users to buy applications as well as music for their devices. This opened a whole new market to apple. As apple evolved it began to take any bit of market share that it could from other markets. Around 2007 Apple made a huge play in the smart phone market. Releasing its iPhone allowed Apple to yet again take another chunk of a large market. Apple is at the peak of its innovation...
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