Apple Case Study

Topics: Apple Inc., IPhone, Steve Jobs Pages: 6 (1484 words) Published: March 4, 2013
Objective of Case study:
Let’s start the whole story with the evolution of the term "Apple Inc." It was the name given to a company in 1996 just after it went almost bankrupt which started off as "Apple Computer". Apple Inc. in 2010 is celebrating smashing success in almost every measures - be it 'over faithful customers', 'rapid growth', 'high profits' or spectacular accomplishments since beginning in terms of 'innovation accomplishments’ and amalgamation of these features has raised the expectation bar very high for apple Inc. in 2010; very competitive for its market rivals and above all it has set a benchmark for study in terms of its External Analysis and Industry structure on various Parameters. For the past 35 years-

* all facts about Apple Inc. are unusual, yet interesting; * all its activities are debatable yet ultimately profitable; and * Finally all its business segments with their products are emergent of revolution yet approachable. Parameters set to perform study:

Apple Inc. is continuously setting trends in the business world in terms of leadership skills, innovation of products, and ultimately deriving new meaning of 'demand vs. supply', and hence this makes it highly prone to get calibre by laureates on set parameters to enhance the global business arena with excitement. * Framework- Porter's five forces framework;

* Skill- Leadership;
* Structure- Industrial structure;
* Analysis- External; SWAT Analysis
* Tool- Porter- 5
Framework - Porter's five forces Model for Apple Inc.-
As per the five forces model norms, the factors are-
* Suppliers and Customers- on a vertical level;
* Competition from products, new entrants and rivals- on a horizontal level. Apple is strictly focussed on design and marketing, outsourcing the manufacturing of most of its products, and is equally oriented for customer side in horizontal direction, performing most of its operations in its retail locations and online stores. Its famous saying in Apple Inc. that “you can’t just ask customers what they want and then try to give that to them. By the time you get it built, they’ll want something new- Steve Jobs”.



Because of its concentration of power in the middle and proximity to the customer, it also has more power over its suppliers, able to make strong demands, and it is also equipped to compete with horizontal players (like HP or SONY) who are not as vertically integrated towards the consumer. the additional benefit of a close customer- presence is that Apple Inc. has also initiated it as an opportunity to create customer focussed products, something at which most of the non- vertical integrated players are not good. Leadership Skill:

Apple has smartly been blessed with Charismatic leader throughout its operations. As per the said proverb- “Leadership is all about finding the future and making it happen”. Steve jobs reshaped Apple Inc. in all possible ways to make it what it is today! * With Steve jobs’ innovation and motivation, Apple launched its trial version of personal computer. It was made in relatively smaller numbers. * A year later, Apple II was launched with Steve jobs at Apple’s helm of affairs, and was considered as a successful product. * Once after being out of Apple, he turned back in 1996 and transformed the fortune of Apple. His first act was to design IMac a year later, which was an instant hit as the all in one desktop computer featured advanced HD graphics and quad core processors. It was new beginning for Apple under the leadership of Steve Jobs. * Next year, he propose I pod in the industry, and in next year, he came with I tunes. * In 2007, first i- phone was launched, and in 2010, first i- pad was launched. * Every time, in his leadership, he accepted the challenge of developing and re-establishing a clear strategy for the organization, even in the presence of so many...
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