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This case study is about Apple’s Computer, Inc., a company that has built its reputation during the enormous growth of the personal computer industry in the 20th century. As a highly innovative company, Apple has made several successful product introductions over the years. However, the issues with its strategic management also led the company to some serious failures on several occasions. Apple even reached a point where many thought they would not survive. This paper will discuss the success and failure of Apple’s strategic management.

Apple Computer's 30-year history is full of highs and lows. The introduction of the Macintosh line of personal computers in 1984 established the company as an innovator in industrial design whose products became renowned for their intuitive ease of use. Apple entered the 1990s well aware that the conditions made the company an industry giant in the previous decade had changed dramatically, and corporate strategies would have to be reexamined. Due to its inconsistent strategic management, the company experienced failures throughout much of the decade. Though battered by bad decision-making during the 1990s, Apple continues to exude the same enviable characteristics in the 21st century.


High quality, pleasurable innovation, and reinvention have become Apple’s name brand. As a knowledge-creating company with a focus on reinventing the market as much as reinventing the company, Apple’s biggest success is establishing the reputation for innovation to be synonymous as a brand. Apple was ranked No. 1 in the 10 most admired for innovation by Forbes Magazine in 2008. From the announcing of a new multimedia tablet device to a 22-inch touch-enabled all-in-one PC to an iPhone 4G for Verizon Wireless, Apple has continuously implemented new ideas into new products. While others retrench staff and cut back on research, Apple is succeeding in this downturn in the same way it thrived through the last...
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