Apple Case Study

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Apple Case Study


Table of contents



A – Personal Computer industry evolution

B – Porter five forces

C – Apple positioning


A – History and key advantages

B – Four P analysis

C – Apple strategy since 1990

D – Apple key success factors and competitive advantage

SWOT analysis



Apple Computer is an innovative company evolving on the multimedia and high technology market. It is present on hardware and software markets, as well as in the on-line services market. Its highly diversified offer makes Apple Computers a company that is very hard to manage.

This The company was created in 1976 by Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak. They wanted to “change the world through technology” by creating the personal computer (PC). The launch of Apple II in 1978 was the beginning of Apple’s leadership on the PC industry. Nevertheless, Apple had to face quickly with face competitors, who imposed their standards on the market., First IMB first, and then Windows and Intel, posing posed the problem of non-compatibility with Apple compatibility.

Apple was successively headed by a number of leaders who performed very wellLots of performing leaders followed one another at the head of Apple Computer, such as Steve Jobs, Sculley, Spindler or Amelio, and each of them had a different vision on of what the Apple computer strategy of Apple should be. After many years of irregular results, Steve Jobs came back to Apple Computer as CEO and his strategy had immediate positive effects on company results and market positioning. Moreover, recent successes such as that of the I-pod and I-tunes had beneficial results on Apple brand image and finances.

To be able to understand what exactly happened in Apple Computers since 1990, it is necessary to analysis analyze the evolution of personal computer market evolution in details as well as study the positioning of Apple positioning through the time. Then, an evaluation of Apple’s strategy makes us enables us to understand its strengths and competitive advantages.

I – Market analysis

A – The evolution of the PC industry evolution

As personal computers becomes a more and more democratized product, the market size is increasing and the demand has become increasingly more and more important and differentiated. In 2005, the PC industry was representing earned $200,000 billions of sales and which represented the sale of 208 millions of units., which This correspond amounted to an increase of to a 16% increase compared with to 2004. So Thus the PC industry is in a good financial health, and the evolution forecasts for industry actors are huge.

Apple was the company who pioneered the commercialization At the beginning of PCs, commercialisation, Apple was pioneer to propose such products, but it was IBM was the company who really launched PCs on the market. Nevertheless, in 1980, IBM faced with a loss lost of half of its market shares as the computer became a commodity. At the same time, new standards were created to replace IBM-compatible: Wintel (Windows and Intel), which is a reference on PC industry. This had and having direct consequences on the level of compatibility of Apple products level of compatibility.

If we observe consumption trends as well as the evolution of the PC market evolution over the last few years, we can see that the PC is today is a mass consumption product, which is totally democratized and accessible for to everybodyall. So Thus the market for personal computers market is increasing, and this evolution seems to be sustainable in the time if we take into consideration the market potential.

B – Porter five forces

Competitive intensity: There are several competitors on the PC market are various. Indeed, Apple’s main competitor in PC manufacturing is IBM, which has a partnership with Windows and Intel operating...
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