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Topics: Apple Inc., ITunes Store, IPhone Pages: 5 (1070 words) Published: March 20, 2012
1. Determine Apple’s business/technology strengths & weaknesses.

Apple Strengths:
1.Steve Jobs
2.Highly differentiated products
3.Investing huge amount in R&D with continual innovation
4.Control of both hardware and software
5.Retail and marketing
6.Fashion – Branded image.
7.Extreme Secrecy
8.Apple's Halo effect
Apple Weakness:
1.Relying heavily on Jobs
2.Complete control of both hardware and software
3.Not compatible with other products
4.High cost

2. What are Apple’s products?

4.iTunes & iPod accessories
6.Apple TV

What are the Corresponding Core and Enabling technologies comprising Apple’s technology platform(s)?

Core TechnologiesEnabling Technologies
1.Steve jobs differentiation strategy and digital hub vision1.Touch technology 2.iOS platform architecture2.Core Image camera technology 3.Media player framework3.Design
4.Melding of software & hardware4.Graphics technology
5.Design engineers – material science5.Audio technology
6.Video technology
7.Applications development

Apple invests hugely in R&D and continually innovate products. It has control over both hardware and software and they were able to meld it together perfectly. Design in apple product is a significant source of competitive advantage. It has a brand name and customers perceive to be of great value. iOS platform is the heart of Apple products which transcends all products in Apple. Steve Jobs has maintained extreme secrecy in developing all products and he has put apple in a differentiation strategy which is hard to imitate.

Apple followed a strategy so that they are not dominated by others. It pursued what they are good in it and outsourced/ purchased some of the best products from market leaders to get the advantage.

1.Apple introduced Intel chips in Mac computers to enable faster and less power hungry laptops. And also it introduced windows to run on its Mac computer to gain advantage.

2.In the case of iPod Apple recognized the importance of flash memory and bought them from Intel, Samsung, Toshiba, etc to increase the advantage of iPod for its large storage.

Identify at least 5 technologies? Use one of the formal processes we learned to identify Core competencies.

3. Classify each technology according to its potential for proprietary competitive advantage. You can rate these as low , med. high.

ScoreDegree to which the capability has been optimized internallyDegree to which the capability constitutes best industry practiceDegree to which the capability has a direct impact on competitiveness 5-Digital technology

-iOS platform
-Touch technology
-Graphic, Audio &Media tech
-Apple Applications development-Meddling of software & hardware -Touch technology
-Operating system
-Graphic, Audio&Media tech

-Apple Applications
-Graphic, Audio &Media tech
-Operating system-Operating system-Core image camera
3-Touch tech-A4 chip
1-A4 chips

Absolute strength:

-Apple has entered the highly refined digital technology. It has developed almost every possible product in the iOS platform. There is only little improvement by improving the features of the developed product. -Apple has a great design and it has some scope of advancement if it introduces 3D or QWERTY board. It has highly developed apple applications but as the technologies improve there is always a chance of development. Graphic, Audio and video technology is highly developed but it can be refined later and it is also with the case of OS. -Apple promised to provide a multi touch so there is significant room for improvement. -Apple developed A4 chips for ipad which...
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