Apple Company

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Apple Company
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Apple Company
Apple Company was created by Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak in 1976. Now Apple Company became very famous company in the world. It was made a lot of machine and computers. In recent years it’s created something that was very helpful to the human. For example such as Ipad2, Ipad3, Ipad4 that is a small hand computer. Human can use it store a lot of things and they can use it to watch moves talk to each other, use it for GPS and so on. He also made Iphone3 to Iphone5. These phone are famous and useful and it was perfect phone. Iphone5 series has many kinds of function. It can help human to do anything they want. It is easy to use and convenience to everybody in their life. Now Apple Company has contracted with many companies, such as AT&T, TSMC and so on. Apple Company has a lot of supporters all over the world.

Creator and history
In 1976 Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak created Apple Company. Jobs growth after several twists and turns. First Jobs don't like bundle, when he was a student. before he started his elementary school. His mother gave him in advance how to learn. But this has led to the later he arrived at the school. He said he has nothing to do for a few years and usually look for trouble by himself. Jobs soon discovered they can do work. Jobs like natural work, rather than be disciplined by others. Jobs met in the different authority, he disliked it. He almost and obey them, his curiosity about all sorts of things that they almost captured him. Jobs in McCollum class only with a year's time to learn over three years of course. Jobs have a project, he made a photocell switch device, this matter after exposure the school of science living the school can make the device, jobs gets knowledge from his father. And his is very interesting in laser. Jobs and a few friends partnership created belong to his light show stereo system.

In McCollum’s class, jobs and a new graduate teachers to become friends. They especially like in the classroom with all the time to discuss their legend. His brother Stephen Wozniak worked in a swimming team almost five years, so jobs know more about electronic. But in the emotional and social he is a senior high school student, very weak.

When Mike Markkula joined Jobs and Wozniak, Jobs their fledgling partnership into Apple Co., LTD. In January 1977,their valued about $5309. Four years later they think it is time to open the value. It is the first public in 1980, become most oversubscribe, apple company would be $1.79 billion. Yes, billion. In this change process it will make three hundred millionaires.

Apple has a lot of competitors, Such as IBM, Microsoft, etc. They are rivals as well as a friend, in 1991 they had technical communication. In astronomy, the two stars orbit is binary system is closely related. Because of their attraction is interaction. In history have a similar situation, when a time made the relationship and competition two track star: In the twentieth century physics Albert Einstein and Bohr, for instance, in early American management, Thomas Jefferson and Alexander. Hamilton. For the first thirty years of the personal computer era, in the 1970 s, the definition of a binary star system is made up of two were born in 1955 college students of high energy control. Bill Gates and jobs has a very different character and background, although they have the same ambition interchange technology and business. Gates father is a Seattle famous lawyer, his mother a city in all kinds of famous leaders of the board of directors. He became a technical personnel a rebel, hippies, spiritual seekers, or members of the counterculture. Not a blue box destroy the phone company, gates in the school to create a program to help scheduling local traffic engineer and he such a car calculation procedure he got the girl. He went to Harvard, but he decided to leave school, this is not to find the...
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