Apple: Cultural Behavior and Communication Style

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Apple: Cultural Behavior and Communication Style

Over the past 35 years, Apple inc. has developed and refine its culture within its organization. Since, becoming CEO on July 9, 1997, Steve Job began reshaping that culture to mirror his vision on what his company should be. This paper will exam how Steve Job's reshaped Apple's culture, shaped how they communicate internally and externally, and if Apple's actions align with its values. Apple's Culture

To Apple's legion of admirers, the company is like a tech version of Wonka's factory, an enigmatic but enchanted place that produces wonderful items they can't get enough of. That characterization is true, but Apple also is a brutal and unforgiving place, where accountability is strictly enforced, decisions are swift, and communication is articulated clearly from the top (LASHINSKY & Burke. 2011).

Through the different reports and stories that I have read, a continuous theme arises. When people try to discover how it is to work for Apple but many former employees fear retribution form Apple. That says much about a company, were a former employee fears what may happen if they spoke about Apple. One thing at Apple is that they always know who is responsible for a project. "But it's also a really tough place to work." In short, it is an environment that shuns coddling. "Apple's attitude is, 'You have the privilege of working for the company that's making the fucking coolest products in the world,'" (LASHINSKY, 2011, p 7). From a company that many people love because of their product it be surprising that how brutal and unforgiving of a place it can be to work.

Internal and external communication
Apple has two completely different styles when communicating internally and externally. Internally Apple is open, holding many meetings and presentations to make sure everyone know the same information on everything that pertains to them. "The creative process at Apple is one of...

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