Apple Inc 2012 Case Analysis

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Apple Inc. in 2012: Case Write-up

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With globalization and the rate of world trade at its highest, accompanied with Apple’s relatively “neutral” face on geopolitical issues, Apple has enjoyed as good a wide and stable political state as there has ever been to burst on the scene and rise to unprecedented success. Economic

The continued bullish market on technology, despite the dotcom and 2008 crisis, which also led to relatively low interest rates, makes for an environment ripe for customers to believe that they “have” to have what Apple is offering; whereas, we were all fine without it for quite some time. Social

With the emergence of “on-demand” and “online” entertainment made popular through the explosion of so-called reality TV through a virtually limitless amount of media outlets, Jobs’ tireless obsession with aesthetics won over an entire generation with the launch of the iPod. Technological

Since Apple’s incorporation, the world has experienced an exponential rise in technological breakthroughs and innovations. Undoubtedly, Apple would have no chance in any time period prior. As a leader in technology, Apple is squarely positioned in the cross-hairs of nearly all other technology companies for the purposes of everything from elimination to capitalizing on its success. Environmental

No one goes anywhere without their phone. Significant amounts will not leave their house for the day without such things as their laptops, tablets, mp3 players etc. In short, facing today’s environment without such products as Apple has to offer is just not done. Legal

Patent wars – everybody sues everybody with each declaring that the other is a thief. Prior to his death, Jobs declared his willingness to spend every last dollar to right this wrong, as far as it concerned his view that everyone was stealing from Apple. Apple’s new CEO, Tim Cook, has a different message, “I would highly prefer to settle versus battle.”

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