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Apple Inc. is an American multinational corporation headquartered in Cupertino, California, that designs, develops, and sells consumer electronics, computer software and personal computers. Apple is the world's second-largest information technology company by revenue after Samsung Electronics, and the world's third-largest mobile phone maker. As of May 2013, Apple maintains 408 retail stores in fourteen countries as well as the online Apple Store and iTunes Store.

Organization strategy
June 20, 2010
Organizational structure is the framework companies use to outline their authority and communication processesSeveral factors affect the organizational structure of a company. These factors can be internal or external.

.Apple has earned the reputation as one of the most admired brands — and envied companies — in the world. For the third year in a row Apple ranked as the world’s most admired company, by the highest margin ever. But this didn’t happen overnight, and it’s not just because Steve Jobs is one of the world’s most admired CEOs. There are several factors that influenced apple’s organaisational structure for Apple’s continuing success as a market innovator.

Size is many times the driving factor for a company’s organizational structure. Smaller or home-based businesses do not usually have a vast structure because the business owner is usually responsible for all tasks. Larger business organizations usually require a more intense framework for their organizational structure. Companies with more employees usually require more managers for supervising these individuals. Highly specialized business operations can also require a more formal organizational structure. Apple has already expanded its presence in businesses significantly in recent years. In North America, 18 percent of employees said they use an Apple device for work, according to Forrester data. Just a few years ago, that number was more in the 3 percent range, Schadler said. Apple, as a company, is huge and one of the most wealthiest ones in the world. But how big exactly? I don’t think anyone can accurately answer that question, although there have been many infographics about Apple’s wealth and what it can do with all that money. Here’s another one, but the point of view here is different than the others. Of course, it does involve Apple’s surplus and never ending bank reserves. This infographic was made by Best ComputerScience Degrees and shows how Apple successfully moved from being a computer maker to products maker. Apple’s products like the iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, MacBooks are amazing and have sold in millions. The infographic contains some interesting facts about the company and the comparisons made are pretty cool too. For example, the company sold over 72 million iPhones in 2011 and that’s approximately the weight of the Eiffel Tower.

The biggest force driving Apple into the workforce is simply because consumers want it there. "It is the pull of the consumer, or the employee, who is helping Apple grow traction, both in mobile and in laptops," said Trip Chowdhry, an analyst at Global Equities Research. "Apple products are fundamentally built for ease and it has a user-centric interface. Microsoft does not. Employees feel more productive using Apple products, forcing IT managers to bring it in." While consumer adoption no doubt got Apple's foot in the enterprise door, the company now appears to be trying to expand its business clients in a more proactive manner. - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - ORGANIZATIONAL STRUCTURE

Organizational structure refers to the way that an organization arranges people and jobs so that its work can be performed and its goals can be met. When a work group is very small and face-to-face communication is frequent, formal structure may be unnecessary, but in a larger organization decisions have to be made about the delegation of various...
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